Kids Sleeping Bags,Glow-in-The-Dark Sleeping Bag for Kids Portable Waterproof Kids Sleeping Bag Extreme Temp Rating 30F/ -1℃ Great for Travel/Camping



Brand: AceCamp

Color: Blue


  • 【Multifunctional Kids Sleeping Bag】 Original design, multiple functions.The hat of the kids sleeping bag can be disassembled.The zipper stitching design allows us to fully unfold the sleeping bag,as a quilt or camping blanket to use,in addition,it also can stitch the two sleeping bags together with a zipper,let your children enjoy every camping.
  • 【Glowing-in-The-Dark 】Under direct strong light, this sleeping bag shining blue fluorescent; Under weak light, shining faint star spot. children will like sleeping bags that glowing in the dark. The luminous sleeping bag will give your child a wonderful dream. Our sleeping bags are bright and long-lasting. You don’t have to worry fading after washing.
  • 【Adequate Sleeping Space】The unique wavy shape of our kids sleeping bag making more sleep spaces and breathable. The front zipper position makes the child to easily zip and unlock the bag, and the drawstring bag is elastic for easy to adjust sleeping bag opening’s size. It’s easy to sleep when your child entering this Sleeping Bag.
  • 【High-quality Comfort Material】The exterior of sleeping bags is made from durable 191T embossed soft polyester, which is breathable and waterproof. The interior is filled with high-quality silk cotton, which is fluffy, soft and comfortable, protect children’s safety and no any stimulation, let your baby sleep comfortably all night.Our products pass the quality inspection of PONY TEST, please feel free to use.
  • 【Convenient Travel Design】The sleeping bag’s closed pocket for easy storage. Our travel kits are intelligently designed, could take everything into a compact backpack! let your kids enjoy doing their own packaging! It’s very simple and your child can easily carry his/her stuff.

Details: Dancing with the stars – the sleeping bag of starry sky, add the whole starry sky to your dream. Go camping by the river,you find the soil is wet on the bank. Take out your sleeping bag, then you will harvest a lot of stars. The night is so cold, but you are surrounded by the stars. You can see the stars everywhere, and you are warm all around. You wander in it, sleep tight all night, dance with the stars in your dreams. Get up in the morning and go on the road again. Put away your sleeping bag and put the starry sky into your backpack. It will accompany you on your journey, just like your dream, which will never fade or die. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Color:Blue Product weight:2.7lb Product size:67″*28″ Open Size:67″*56″ Storage size:7.8*7.8*11inch Comfort temperature:5℃-15℃ Limit temperature:-1℃ Applicable people:children under 56″ DETAIL TIPS: 1.Glowing In the Dark–Need to be exposed to the sun for a while 2.Cleaning Methodl–Water Washing / Machine Washing SHOPING CONFIDENTLY: We are very sure that you will like our sleeping bag, if there are any question,we will service you at any time ,until you are satisfied.This is a risk free deal and you can let your child decide on it.