Blue Can 50 Year Shelf Life Water



Blue Can 50 Year Shelf Life Water

  • 24 Case Pack: 24 -12oz cans (354.88 ml) units
  • No plastic taste,stores safely in heat, won’t affect taste
  • Cans are made of corrosion resistant aluminum and are hermetically sealed
  • Eco-friendly packaging, BPA Free, no chlorine or fluoride
  • Storage Temperature: 33 degrees F to + 150 degrees F (1C to +60C)

    Product Description

    50 Year Shelf Life

    Don’t wait until it is too late! Stock up on 50-year shelf life water from Blue Can. Our company in Los Angeles, California, offers the best emergency drinking water for disaster preparation. You can make sure that your family is safe from anything that happens, from hurricanes to power outages to compromised water lines.

    • No More Rotating Stock
    • Ability To Double-Stack Pallets
    • Hermetically Sealed

    Multi-Day Supply Case

    Each case of Blue Can Water contains 24 cans, which is 288 oz or 2.25 gallons per case. The box is made from enclosed double thick corrugated cardboard, making it perfect for storage. The water and packaging comply with standards for purified drinking water with a 50-year shelf life. All cans are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and are hermetically sealed.

    • Blue Can is the ONLY lab-tested and lab certified 50 year shelf life emergency drinking water
    • Each pack is enough for a two-day supply.
    • Great reserve for in the house or on the boat.
    • Stays Fresh In Heat
    • Outstanding Taste

    Blue Can utilizes the latest in water filtration and sterilization technology.  In addition to Ozone Sterilization and UV lights, new cationic electron magnet filtering is also employed for additional sterilization.  Cationic sterilization has a Log 6 kill rate (99.9999% effective) Our  full contact disinfection techniques purify above and beyond what UV disinfection or even chlorine sterilization alone